Hi, I'm Stephanie!

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Eat Drink Vegan
Eat Drink Vegan festival branding project using classic CMYK color scheme, a bold typeface, and comic inspired halftone illustrations that are vibrant, exciting, and has contagiously energetic vibe.
Rudy's Rebrand
The rebrand takes this pizzeria's traditional decor out of the game and fully embraces their love of sports culture and memorabilia.
Richmond Ready
Branding for a neighborhood preparedness group in the Richmond neighborhood of Portland. The logo takes inspiration from boycott badges with symbols for the most important basic survival needs, water, food, and shelter encompassed by the service goals of Richmond Ready.
A blend of tea and coffee in a fusion of west and east. A bold sans-serif wordmark represents outgoingness while the secondary typeface used is a humanistic sans-serif to evoke individuality. Ink and the use of Chinese woodblock prints inspired the imagery used in the waves and octopus figure.
Tiny House Taxonomy Pins
A set of tiny illustrations displaying various kinds of small houses with a humerus description the persons who might inhabit each tiny house. This light-hearted design is created for eclectic people who enjoy all the tiny details in life.
Sanctuary Cities Stamp Collection
These stamps are designed in support of sanctuary cities. The design is inspired by the American colors, city landmarks, and the hand crafted signs of those who have protested injustices.
Dino Crunch Cookies
Cookie box illustration and dieline
Accordion Book
Type Specimen Book
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